New perspectives

Whether you are an IT consultant, a project manager, an IT professional or an expert with specialized know-how:
the field of IT projects will provide challenging job opportunities for your ongoing professional and personal development.

For applicants - Master innovative projects

As permanent employees of DMC personnel services, you will be able to demonstrate your expertise in innovative projects for well-known customers, and be given stimulating tasks to complete on-site according to your professional profile. The DMC Group offers professional opportunities and additional qualifications, so as to secure your employability, as well as a work-life balance.

In your given projects, you will get an in-depth understanding of the client’s company, its IT department, as well as various tasks and roles. If you and the customer reach an agreement, then we will not stand in the way of your obtaining a permanent position within that company.

Ambitious IT professionals will get to experience the diversity offered in the field of IT projects as well as know big-name companies as employees of DMC personnel services.

You have the best prospects

  • Challenging project assignments
  • Well-known companies
  • Further professional training
  • Job security
  • Work-life balance

Are you interested?

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