Vision & AI

The potential of image processing and artificial intelligence –

integrated and tailored to your needs!

Vision & AI –
Neural networks and intelligent object detection – what’s your idea about it?


Are you looking for a partner to support your  Vision & AI projects when it comes to integration, quality assurance or multi-object recognition?

You have found him.

Together with our partners, we combine image processing and artificial intelligence to realize exciting applications in a variety of industries – not only on paper! Yet we are active in the field.

You know your domain like the back of your hand and see unexploited potential in robotics, production, logistics or even in marketing?

Do you have an innovative business idea that could generate a massive amount of added value for you and your customers applying of Vision & AI?

Making a brilliant idea a reality together with our customers, is one of the most fulfilling tasks for us.

Keep your business objective on your mind and we will navigate you straight to it with the appropriate technology and infrastructure.


As a team in this setup, who could stop us?


Here is an excerpt of our services on the subject:

Example Applications

  • Camera integration
  • Object detection using neural networks
  • Image and position data for 3D- Navigation

Excerpt of applied tools and frameworks

  • OpenCV
  • Tensorflow 2.0
  • Keras
  • OpenVINO

Excerpt of applied platforms

  • Nvidia (Jetson)
  • Intel (Movidius)
  • Fujitsu Primergy

And here you’ll find a video showing our smart navigation showcase that brings these technologystacks to life

Smart Navigation Showcase