IIOT & Connectivity

From the discussion of the initial idea to the first usable results of a prototype

– we are part of it with all our heart!

IIOT & Connectivity –
grow from unresolved challenges to confidently lead into the future


The number of smart devices in the private and professional sector is exploding and growing faster every day.

Depending on which devices you include in your statistics as “IOT devices”, this number is currently (2019) about 25 billion connected devices worldwide and this number is expected to triple in the next 7 years.

At this speed, it is difficult enough to keep up with the latest technologies in terms of pure knowledge, let alone actively exploit the potential of these developments on the market.

If you also have the goals to make profit with these new technologies, there is no way around smart architectures and smart tools.

By working on state-of-the-art products and solutions of our customers, our developers have an immense pleasure in exploring the limits of the technically feasible with each of these technological leaps.

Always a little bit better – a little bit smarter!

Use Cases

The most exciting thing about the development in the IIOT area is the extreme diversity of applications and different technologies.

Before a first conversation with a future customer, you never know exactly which technologies you will be working with today and which application our counterpart has in his pocket.

From integrating entire sensor networks into production systems to safety-relevant or applications in the area of surveillance/safety to the use of intelligent sensor technology for automatic feeding machines in agriculture – everything is included.

Of course, not every application is technically and economically feasible, but with well-founded analyses of the underlying business cases and with the help of the technical expertise of our employees, realistic and profitable goals can often be achieved.

This sometimes makes it possible to rediscover and quickly open up new areas of business or to achieve essential increases in production efficiency that seemed unattainable a few years ago.


This potent mixture of challenge and innovation makes every single IIOT project alive and exciting in its own way.


The following applications and technologies are part of our standard portfolio:

  • Sensor Device Integration of various devices
  • Edge Device Development
  • Applications for communciations based on:
    • MQTT
    • OPC-UA
    • CAN
    • I2C
  • Application for the following plattforms:
    • STM / ESP
    • Raspberry
    • Arduino
  • Development with the following frameworks:
    • Macchina.io
    • Node-RED
    • Mosquitto