Strong together - overview of our partner network

“A team is not a group of people that work together.
A team is a group of people that trust each other.” – Simon Sinek

Succeeding in business all by oneself may be very challenging these days. From time to time, every company and every individual reaches the limits of their own capabilities – be it in terms of capacity or technical know-how.

In such cases advice and support from good friends has always been of vital importance.
In our fast moving and complex world, however, this is not just a “nice-to-have”, but it has become essential to know the right people and to rely on them even in hard times.

As everyone knows, a hard-won – or even hard-researched – competitive advantage can quickly lose its novelty value. The competition is catching up and the market itself is constantly evolving.

Only those who manage to build on their innovative assets effectively and promptly will be able to make a lasting difference. Fast and – above all – competent help in this matter is the crucial factor.

For this reason, dmc-smartsystems is part of a large and lively network of companies and associations.
Today, one may be strong in one special area – but together we are unbeatable in the entire sector!

Technology partners:

Arm MBED/Pelion Partner :

The Pelion IoT Platform is a flexible, secure, and efficient foundation spanning connectivity, device, and data management. It accelerates the time to value of your IoT deployments by helping you easily connect trusted IoT devices on global networks, invisibly administer them, and extract real-time data from them to drive competitive advantage.

Partnership with Arm Pelion brings together leading embedded and cloud companies, component manufacturers, system integrators and OEMs. We are all committed to the openness, standards, technology and services needed to accelerate innovation in IoT systems.

Chipglobe GmbH :

The Munich-based company, known for high-end chip design and functional verification of integrated semiconductor chips (ASICs), is currently expanding into the field of embedded systems. Established for more than a decade ago as a development partner of Infineon Technologies AG, it has designed solutions in close cooperation with the latter to ensure the (hardware-based) security of IoT devices.

The products concerned are the OPTIGATM Trust X and OPTIGATMTrust M Series.
The problem of insecure transmission between the IoT device and the cloud is thus a thing of the past once and for all. In addition, the underlying methodologies can also be used for an extended security concept for the IoT device itself.
Clearly identifiable. Counterfeit-proof.
That’s why in 2019 Chipglobe was awarded the “Preferred Partner“- status in the Infineon Security Partner Network (ISPN).

In our view a welcome addition to our service portfolio for safety-critical embedded applications (e.g. the Smart Update). We have been officially working with Chipglobe as our partner since the end of 2019.

Embedded for You e.V. (E4Y):

As a founding member, we have been part of the association of more than 30 SMEs in German-speaking countries since 2007. The association’s declared aim is the bundling of competences in the field of embedded systems and the creation of a strong network. With a highly competent team of more than 2000 engineers and specialists with many years of industry know-how, the association is well prepared to handle even large orders.

Thanks to close coordination among the member companies, the association clearly  answers the question:
Where can I get customized and efficient embedded solutions directly from established industry experts?

The large network provides a wide range of competence fields with a variety of solutions and services (More).
Our own priorities are “Automation & IoT” , “Implementation & Integration” as well as “Digitalization & Artificial Intelligence (Applied Informatics GmbH):

The Austrian company has convinced our developers and stakeholders with its IIOT platform This technology is based on the well established POCO C++libraries –  popular in the embedded sector for decades. On the one hand, their author Günter Obiltschnig enables a secure exchange between the cloud and the end device using “ IOT edge device SDK” and the “Remote Manager”. On the other hand, the hardware-related programming provides maximum efficiency – it helps saving resources and at the same time allows the use for time-critical applications. To top it all, it comes along with a developer-friendly way of programming (like JavaScript) – a highly successful combination.

That is why we have had a development partnership and very good friendship with the company and its founders since 2018.

Secure.Bayern e.V.:

As a founding member of the association, which started in 2019, we place great value on the dedicated focus on information security. Here, information security should be considered as a comprehensive approach – from data protection, via hacking of web applications to embedded security, experts from all areas are represented in this association.

The Association’s slogan “Information Security from Bavaria for Bavaria and the World” clearly reflects the vision of giving something back. The goal is to make the competencies in these areas built up in Bavaria available to Bavarian companies. In addition, we want to show the rest of the world that Bavaria has no need to hide in the area of information security.

Partners from business and industry:

Bayerischer Unternehmensverband Metall und Elektro e.V. (bayme/vbm):

With a total number of more than 3200 member companies, bayme and bayme vbm are the largest associations in Bavaria (> 700. thousand employees in the member companies) for all sectors of the metal and electrical industry. Since 2018, dmc-smartsystems has also been a proud member of this association and regularly visits their network events and trade fairs in and around Bavaria.

Nevertheless, bayme not only fosters networking but also answers questions about digitization in companies, legal advice on labor law and the challenge of financing and funding opportunities.

owl maschinenbau e.V.:

Since its foundation in 2003 the East-Westphalian association has shown strong commitment to expanding the development opportunities of the region. Whether SME or corporate group – the network for mechanical engineering, automation technology and production engineering is well connected with more than 220 members and partners. It represents a platform where current challenges – especially those of mechanical engineering – are addressed and met.

Strong networking, innovative formats and bringing regional key players together are the association’s basic principles to secure the economic and technological performance of the regional mechanical engineering industry. This is an additional opportunity for us to make our contribution in the fields of automation, Smart Vision & AI as well as industrial data analysis.

Education partners:

Fachhochschulde der Wirtschaft (FHDW).

As a career-oriented university, the FHDW focuses on a close partnership between students and companies. The FHDW specialises in the fields of business administration and computer science and has a strong mission statement:
To create the best career opportunities for students – not only in terms of knowledge transfer, but also by teaching practical skills and entrepreneurial thinking. Therefore, networking with local companies is one of FHDW’s core features. We find this admirable!

We have had an educational partnership since early 2020 and are proud to make our sustainable contribution to the training of the next generation of developers and future project managers.