Successful for many years in various industries

Case studies

In the field of avionics, dmc-smartsystems contributed significant momentum to the Airbus Cabin Cluster Manager project by creating software for the configuration and management of clustered HiLs for avionics testing.

In the defense industry, dmc-smartsystems has been providing development and consultancy services for many years with regard to missile approach warning systems / self-protection systems as well as for a multinational development of a ground support medium-range air defense system.

In the automotive sector, we have a wide range of experience. This includes following tasks among other things :

  • Diagnostics of electronic control units (ECU)
  • Developing ECUs
  • Testing roll stabilizers
  • Model-based vehicle architectures with PREEvision
  • Developing a gateway (bus master) for automobiles
  • Testing of FuSi related functions