Development, administration and support                       
dmc-ortim Kiel
Gutenbergstraße 86
24118 Kiel                                                                                                          
Tel.: 0431-550900-0
Fax: 0431-550900-55

Sales and consulting
dmc-ortim Erfurt
Linderbacher Weg 30
99099 Erfurt
Tel.: 0361-55146-0
Fax: 0361-55146-29

Company management and development
dmc-ortim München
Valentin-Linhof-Straße 8
81829 München


And if you really do get stuck – we are always available to help and advise you.
Most questions can be clarified quickly via the hotline.
We don’t boast about our service – call us and see for yourself – we are happy to help you!
+49 (0)431-550900-0


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