Maintain flexibility when having to recruit personnel. We help bridge your staffing shortages and can support you by providing temporary staffing for your projects.

Efficient reinforcement of your team

Having innovative information technology is crucial for many international SMEs and corporations in order to remain competitive. The technology is being continuously optimized and redeveloped in anticipation of future demands. IT-related projects are therefore booming. Sometimes, specific functions are needed by companies only temporarily. Other times, they need to cover peak staffing periods, or to compensate for employees on parental or sick leave.

DMC personnel services, an integral part of the DMC Group, know and understand the IT-project business from varied perspectives. Our recruiters have a lot of experience in providing the right staff with the appropriate expertise and experience for both short- and long-term projects. For 20 years, we have held an unrestricted permit to supply temporary staffing.

DMC personnel services covers your temporary personnel needs within the field of IT, flexibly yet professionally customized to fit your needs.